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HayleyV asked 10 months ago

I was just about ready to launch my website, but after updating to the latest version of WordPress (5.9), I noticed that my customizer screen is now blank. I have tried troubleshooting through the WordPress Support Forum, and nothing has worked. I’ve tried deactivating all of my plugins, deactivating my theme (Hello Beaches-the Hello Shores) and activating the parent theme, Genesis. Doing this caused my site to function differently, remove widgets, add a header bar on the right side, etc. which I have tried to fix. I then tried deactivating the theme and activating a default theme. I also tried updating the PHP from 7.4 to 8.0 then 8.1 which caused my site to not function entirely. I switched it back to 7.4, and now I am back where I started, unfortunately. Everything else seems to function except for the customize screen. I am at a loss for what to do as I am very new to WordPress. I have linked the screen I see in the customize window here and as a screenshot:

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Support Team Staff answered 10 months ago

Can you email login details to  We can try to see if it is something that can be fixed on our end.  If not, you will need to reach out to your webhost.

HayleyV replied 10 months ago

Sure! I just emailed the information. Thank you!

Support Team Staff answered 10 months ago

For anyone who is experiencing similar, this particular instance ended up being a cache issue with the local browser.  When this happens try clearing the caching history.  If that is not working, open a new browser that you have not used and try that, or an incognito window.