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lifeinloveevents asked 2 years ago

Hi there!

I am making changes and customizing my WordPress site but every time I make an update (like custom colors), the site does not reflect it. However, when I go back to edit mode, the changes are there.

Also, when I create new pages everything is fine and my custom colors are reflected. It’s the original templates that will not change when I customize the colors.

Could someone please advise how to proceed? I’ve tried clearing the cache for my browser and the WordPress site and nothing seems to work.

Thanks so much in advance!

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Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

If the changes finally show, it is going to be a site caching issue.  Disable any site cache plugins and hosting cache plugins, or performance plugins while designing.  This includes anything that compresses CSS files.  Then try downloading a plugin called Clear Cache For Me.  That should fix the issue.
if not please email with your login details and url to see what is happening.