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Francesca Bensi asked 3 years ago

Hi there,
I just installed Genesis for the first time with your template after using a different custom theme for many years.  My blog has thousands of posts and in a lot of them I’ve used a button shortcode through the years that now displays as the text of that code instead of a button.  It would be nearly impossible to go back and correct this on all the posts that need it.  I contacted Genesis support and they tell me that the shortcode I’m using should work with Genesis and it must be a functionality of the child theme that isn’t letting that work.  Can you please advise?  This is the old shortcode that now doesn’t work.  (FYI, I can use your button code from your setup guide but the point is I can’t go back in and fix all my posts, there’s soo many)
[button url=”link here” text=”display text here”]
This is for Hello Beaches plugin.

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Jennifer Staff answered 3 years ago

What you would need to do is add whatever the button code is from the previous theme to the new theme. Then it will work in the theme. What is a link where I can see what is not working?