Custom Blog Glitch/not working??

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Ashley Rufino asked 5 months ago

I thought I was going crazy. The View/Preview options for the
do not go to where they should or they do not show what they should. I only see what its supposed to look like when I click “Edit”. Its hard to explain so I did a screen record. The settings are exactly as explained in the tutorial and Q+A. I even cleared the cache. I have no idea what is going on because I have not done anything with it other than “assign the page” under the reading menu of settings.  Here is the link to view the screen recording:

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Support Team Staff answered 5 months ago

You will have two pages for the blog.  One is the custom blog page with the different blocks and set up the way you want, usually the page linked in your menu.  Then another page that is just a blog roll.  That blog roll is the one you assign to the blog page in your settings.  If you assign the custom blog in your settings, WordPress will override it and only show the blog roll. 
Once you have the blog roll page assigned, you can then link page 2 of the blog to your custom blog roll when someone clicks on next page in the custom blog block.  Hope this makes sense, if not, we can log on and do an example of the settings.