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shellybrown asked 10 months ago

I\’m stuck.  First time using Kadence, but very familiar with WP and Genesis framework.  My menus are not displaying.  I have the left and right menus set.  Have double checked the menu locations to make sure they were properly set. Tried a different browser and cleared my cache.  Nothing seems to work in getting them to display.  The only one I can get to work is the mobile menu.  Suggestions?  Site is http://www.inspiringlysocial.com (which is still a bit under construction, but I made it public so you could take a look).  Thanks! 

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Support Team Staff answered 10 months ago

That theme is set to default to the mobile menu on all screensizes.  You have to go to the settings and adjust that if you want the left right menus to work.  In the setup guide here we have instructions on how to adjust this and some screenshots to help. 


shellybrown replied 10 months ago

Thank you. I misunderstood the instructions and never adjusted the sizing so it wouldn’t default to mobile. Greatly appreciate your help 🙂