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Megane Daumas asked 4 years ago

Hello ! 
I have updated genesis a couple of days ago and since then, some aspects of my website doesn’t display properly.

When I check in the personalization area, colors and pictures in the “image sections” are good, but they don’t appear on my website anymore. Some colors have changed (they are the one you used to create Hello Chic, not the one I chose), and all the main images on the home page are invisible. 
What can I do to fix this ? 
Thank you in advance, 
Megane (http://www.meganedaumas.com

Amy Celona replied 4 years ago

I just happened to notice this, you have to update Hello Chic to 1.0.3 in order for it to work. Be careful to export your widgets (Export Widget plugin) and Genesis settings and copy the Custom HTML are info or they may be lost. I’m still rebuilding from my own stupidity. Hope this helps.

Megane Daumas replied 4 years ago

Thank you for your response and details 🙂

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Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

This is from the Genesis Update.  If you would like, send your URL and login to jennifer@helloyoudesigns.com and I can hop on and add the bits of code needed, so you don’t have to update. 
Or if you do not have any custom code in the theme, then you can update the file pretty easily.  Be sure to replace the files, vs deleting the old file and adding the new.  When you replace, the site thinks it is using the same theme, and will not move widgets.  When you delete the old and add a new, the site thinks it is a new theme and may clear your widget areas and customizer settings.

Megane Daumas replied 4 years ago

Thank you Jennifer ! I will send you my informations via email !

Have a good day 🙂

Rachel Hampton replied 4 years ago

Hi Jennifer!

I am having the same problem with my Hello Chic theme. I updated genesis, which I’m assuming was the problem, and now my main header image is gone. I can’t find an update for Hello Chic and don’t really know how to fix! If you could take a look, my site is inherhumbleopinionblog.com. Or you can email me instructions to rachel@inherhumbelopinionblog.com

Rachel Hampton replied 4 years ago

Wait, sorry, blonde moment! I have the Hello Luv theme 🙂

Jennifer Staff replied 4 years ago

Updating to the latest version will fix it. The latest version should be in your account area on the site.