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Jill Chongva asked 1 year ago

How do I edit the menus on the Kadence version of Hello Chic?

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Support Team Staff answered 1 year ago

What is the URL to preview what the script font is doing?  To edit menus you go to Appearance >  Menus > there you can create, edit, and assign the different menu positions.

Jill Chongva replied 1 year ago

The script font is now working. I have my menus created, but how/where do I edit the words on top of the menu items?

Support Team Staff replied 1 year ago

That will show as a description when you open each menu item up. If you do not see the description box you will need to activate it. When in the menu screen, the top right corner will have a settings tab, click that, and then select the description box. After you do that each menu item will have a description box when opened.

Jill Chongva replied 1 year ago

Perfect! Thank you so much for your help!