Changing main navigation color in Hello Darling

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sue blackburn asked 4 years ago

I changed the main navigation colors in the theme editor because every time I tried to customize them, it wouldn’t change. It worked and I was able to change them, but it messed up how the main navigation shows up on mobile devices. Do you have any suggestions as to why that would happen when I just changed colors? Thanks!

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Support Team Staff answered 4 years ago

Are you using the latest file?  If you have an outdated file, the customizer and image sections will not work.  Once you update the theme that customizer will work again.
It is hard to say what happened when the code was adjusted.  If too much is taken off, it will trickle down and effect the code.  If it is a color issue, it could be that what you changed was related to the mobile. 
What is your URL to preview?