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stayingcoolinthelibrary asked 4 years ago

I am using the Hello Darling theme. I am having a problem with the home grid widgets. There are 6 images that should show up in the grid. When I look at the site from Chrome, only 3 of the images show up. When I look at it on mobile or another browser, all the images show up. Also, when I go to customize this widget, the images show correctly. It’s very odd. I had my host look into it and they couldn’t help. I already tried deleting the images and adding them again.
I am attaching screenshots of what the home page should look like and what it actually looks like on Chrome.

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Support Team Staff answered 4 years ago

You have a css compresser on, try turning that off, then clearing the site cache.  Do you have jetpack installed?  Also try turning off the lazy image load.  If neither of those work we will need to log on and look at the issue.

stayingcoolinthelibrary replied 4 years ago

Thank you so much! That worked. I turned off the css compressing and lazy load and now the images load correctly.