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Heidi Sproul asked 3 years ago

Hello, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get an image into the home page left and right grid.

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Support Team Staff answered 3 years ago

This will depend on the type of widget you would like to use.  The demo is mostly using Genesis Featured Page widgets.  Which means that you would select the page you want to show in the widget.  Then you go to the page itself, and change the featured image for that page to the image you want to show.  So in your screenshot above, you would go to the blog page, click edit, and over on the right side is a Featured Image spot.  There you can change the image that shows up on the homepage in that widget area.

Heidi Sproul replied 3 years ago

Thank you that was helpful. I would also like to know how to make an image in that grid link to a website instead of a page. I don’t see instructions for that.

Heidi Sproul replied 3 years ago

Also, I have my blog/latest post page linked to the grid and I had previously set the featured image but now the grid is showing the image from my latest blog post instead of the featured image.

Support Team Staff replied 3 years ago

You could use an Image Widget and then load the image directly to that widget to the website.

For the latest post page, are you using the Featured Page widget or a Featured Post widget?