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tiffanyjoans asked 2 years ago

The blog slider is working properly on my blog page, but it is also showing up on my home page and the slide is overlapping other images on the page.

tiffanyjoans replied 2 years ago

If there was a way I could take it off the homepage where it is all messed up and leave the blog as is. Also is there any way that I could put it on the books page instead of the blog?

Support Team Staff replied 2 years ago

Yes, you would delete it from that widget area that it is on in the homepage. And then place it on the blog slider widget area. There is not really a way to place the slider in something that is not a widget area. You could use a different slider on that books page.

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Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

What is your URL to preview what is happening? Do you have the blog slider in a homepage widget?

tiffanyjoans replied 2 years ago

Yes, I believe it would be a homepage widget.