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Ima DeJesus asked 3 years ago

The image section 1, 2 and 3 still do not work after updating the theme. I believe I have uploaded the update correctly. Even after selecting the images for the sections they do not show up. How can I fix it.
Thank you

2 Answers
Jennifer Staff answered 3 years ago

What is the URL?

Ima DeJesus replied 3 years ago

<a href="http://www.livingthecrownedlife.com&quot&quot; rel="nofollow">http://www.livingthecrownedlife.com</a&gt;

I then deleted the theme. I couldn't upload the theme anymore. I tried a restored version I couldn't restore it either. Only restoring the theme worked. However, I keep getting an error/failed message and to delete old directories but there seem to be one that is removed is the "mu-plugins-old". Even through the WP File Manager I can't remove that folder.

See pictures attached.


Support Team Staff answered 3 years ago

What is the login to the site?  We can hop on and add the code needed so those images section and customizer work.