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Molly Hicks asked 5 years ago

Hi Again!
I was wondering if there is an easy (more permanent) way of changing the home grid font from black to white?  I used some html formatting code within the widget, but I was hoping there was something to edit the colors like the box color itself.

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Support Team Staff answered 5 years ago

Is it the pink boxes in the grid?  If so, those change with the Featured Color in the Color Customizer.  If it is a different spot can you send a screenshot.
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Molly Hicks replied 5 years ago

No not the pink boxes themselves, but the font within the boxes.

Support Team Staff replied 5 years ago

In your style-front.css you will look for line 215 and change the color from #333 to #fff. That will change the main text and the icon. Then if you want to change the headers you would add this code below

.text-box h1,
.text-box h2,
.text-box h3,
.text-box h4 {
color: #fff;

Don’t forget to clear your site cache and browser cache. Let me know if you have any issues.

Molly Hicks replied 5 years ago

Amazing! Thanks!