Formatting Issues with Printing Blog Posts/Pages to PDF or Printer

QuestionsCategory: Hello GorgeousFormatting Issues with Printing Blog Posts/Pages to PDF or Printer
Virtue31 asked 4 years ago

Hello. It’s me again with more questions. 
I am able to print blog posts and pages to PDF or to an actual printer, however, it is cutting off 1-4 sentences between the footer and the header of a new page when the content is longer than 1 page.  The header shows the “Top Left (Small Menu)” bar which appears to be blocking the sentences even when I reduce the resolution in the print menu down to 70%.

Any idea on how to resolve this?
Is there a recommended and compatible plugin (similar to the Print Friendly & PDF plugin) that will allow me to have a printer, PDF and printer icon near to the blog posts title in case an individual wants to print or share it in a clean format?


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Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

Not sure on this one.  I’ve not run across this question before.  Let me do some digging and asking around what people use to print blog posts.  If it is a plugin, or if there is special code that should be added.