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Virtue31 asked 4 years ago

Hello.  I followed the instructions for Mailchimp.  When the website was up it displayed correctly wit no issue.  I tested it by entering in a name and email address that wasn’t already in the subscriber list and when I enter the information and click submit it appears as if nothing happens and it then clears the entry box.   My questions are:

  1. How do I set things up to get an automatic email of a new subscriber?
  2. Is it best or common to take the individual to a new page which has verbiage something like “thank you for joining”?
  3. I went into Mailchimp after adding new names/emails for testing and it does not show on the list. Could the issue be that I have an anti-spam plugin installed “Clean Talk” which may be blocking the names from immediately going thru?

Appreciate your help as I sort of those little kinks!!!

1 Answers
Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

Here are the instructions for mailchimp.  It may be that the Form Action is not right.  It will just clear itself if not entered correctly. 

How to connect Mailchimp to Genesis E-News Extended

1 – This would be done in your mailchimp settings for the list that you are connecting the subscribers to.  You can select to send you a notice for each subscriber, daily notices, or monthly notices.
2 – Many will do that.  It is a more personalized way of saying thank you.
3 – That is most likely from the Form action not being right.  Without that action, the emails do not know where to go.  When you mentioned above that the form was just clearing vs doing anythign, that is a sign that the action was wrong.  That setup guide above will show you where to get the form action