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Tansey Louis asked 3 years ago

I’m having an issue setting up Home Grid 3 in Hello Gorgeous Theme.  I installed soliloquy and uploaded my image size 1400×900 px into the slider. I then inserted the shortcode in a custom html widget, however the image is not showing correctly. The image is cut off short.
Additionally, how would I change the color of the font of all the copyright information at the very bottom of the site?
  Kindly see images attached.  
Thank you

1 Answers
Support Team Staff answered 3 years ago

With the soliloquy, you have to click over to the config tab and then adjust the size from their default to the 1400 by 900. 
For that you can add this to your additional CSS
.site-footer p, .site-footer a {
    color:    #fff;