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Melissa LaBorde asked 4 years ago

The slider on my home page is having some issues.  The arrows to scroll through the pictures are at the top of the slider instead of the middle, like it used to be.  And when the pictures transition, instead of fading from one pic to the next, the pictures are disappearing for a split second and then the next picture appears.  I’m not sure what changed to cause this to happen, but I can’t figure it out in the settings.  Website is http://www.healthylowcarbmama.com so you can see what I’m talking about.

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Support Team Staff answered 4 years ago

It looks like it is not loading right.  Do you have the Jetpack plugin installed?  If so can you go to Plugins > Jetpack > click into the settings and the second tab, turn off lazy image loading.  That should fix it.  Let me know if it does not, or if you need help finding it.

Melissa LaBorde replied 4 years ago

I don’t use jetpack, but I did install the Smush plugin yesterday because of slow load times. I turned off the lazy load for the home page and it seems to have fixed it. Thanks!