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Sharan asked 3 years ago

Hi Jennifer,
I’m wanting to change the font colour of the Wild Spirit font in Hello Maker, can you let me know how to do this please?
I also can’t find where to change the name of the blog, so that mailchimp emails don’t say it’s coming from your email address/ Jennifer Johnson’s blog?
Thanks so much!

1 Answers
Jennifer Staff answered 3 years ago

For the mailchimp setup here are the instructions

How to connect Mailchimp to Genesis E-News Extended

For the font, you would need to find the sections that you want to adjust and then add code.  Is it everywhere that it shows or just in certain spots?

Sharan replied 3 years ago

Perfect, thanks Jennifer.

The main spot for the font is over the main title image at the top of the homepage as the black gets hidden over a lot of my photos, thanks