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Olivia Stinton asked 4 years ago

Hello!! I have been in contact with a few people but I am under a deadline to get this site done. I have some java script errors popping up, and cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix them. 
It was suggested to me by someone on your team to delete a lot of plugins and update. I did that but still have some errors popping up. This is causing the background of the menu header to not appear (As it does in the demo). I don\’t know how to fix the errors so I\’m hoping someone can help me. Here is a screenshot of my errors.


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Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

This is not a theme issue.  If you look at those errors they are for a slider plugin, a migrate plugin, there are issues with in your current install and setup.  The best advice that I have is to start from a fresh install.  Only use what you need and import your content. 

Olivia Stinton replied 4 years ago

Hi Jennifer, I don’t have any type of slider plugin, and I deactivated everything and started fresh. I only have the plugins needed for this theme. Do you know why the background for the header image still wouldn’t be working?

Also, I need to change the fonts. Can I be assisted on that? Both google and premium.


Jennifer Staff replied 4 years ago

The header is not working because of the Java errors that you see in the screenshot. Deactivating everything is not starting fresh. You need a new install. The one you are working with is corrupt. You don’t have a slider plugin active, yet there is an error for one. That is why I said you need a new/fresh install.

Yes, we can assist with the fonts once the site is working.

Olivia Stinton replied 4 years ago

Hello. I started a whole new wordpress and have imported the content! I was hoping you could help me with the fonts now.

Jennifer Staff replied 4 years ago

Would love to. What is the new login? and URL? Also what fonts do you want to change out? I know you mentioned a premium. For that I will need to access the siteground part of the site, and will need the font file. you can email it