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Angela McNaul asked 2 years ago

In the home welcome box 1.
The h1 and h2 fonts are really spaced out the more words I used. How do I minimize the space between them so they dont look sill

Angela McNaul replied 2 years ago

Also are there instructions on how to change the H1 font? I see its not a google font and its called direct style and I cant see where I would swap this out with a custom font I bought? Please advise.

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Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

Custom fonts will be added to the theme file, and then called in to the style sheet, then replaced where needed.

What is a link to your site to preview what is happening?

Angela McNaul replied 2 years ago

I tried to do the font change but its not a google font and its the H1 font. I found it in the widget but cant trouble shoot how to change it.. and how to load in my font. Is there a video or instructions somewhere i can follow along.

Also for the spacing: my site is in maintenance mode currently but here is a screen shot of what it looks like..

Support Team Staff replied 2 years ago

You can add this to your additional CSS for the spacing. Right now it is set to Justify.

.home-welcome-1 .textwidget {
text-align: left;

Right now we do not have one for custom fonts, but there are many on google. Another way is to use “Use Any Font Plugin” you can upload your custom font to that plugin, then add the H1 to the spot you want to change. If you need help you can send the font file to support@helloyoudesigns.com and also your login.

Angela McNaul replied 2 years ago

Thank you! That worked for the alignment BUT when I added the use any font.. my font is HUGE for the h1 and top header. Is there a way to adjust that? I am attaching the photo to the top again because it wont let me add it here. Also. Do you have any idea why my slider always starts like that (with the blank spot on the left? It also doesnt do a full slide and often goes in reverse…

Support Team Staff replied 2 years ago

With fonts being different sizes it would need to be adjusted either in that plugin if an option or the CSS added to the additional CSS spot to shrink it.

We see this often with Java errors on the site. That can be from plugins, script codes added for pixels, or ads. If you would like send the login info and we can try to pinpoint which it is.