Wrong accent font in Hello Rose

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Lena Günther asked 2 years ago


I am using the accent font in multiple places on my website and it seems like it is not the one that the theme was supposed to come with. It is clearly a different one than the one in the Hello Rose demo. I would like to have the font that i purchased (the one in the demo). 
Attached are two screenshots. 
One is a screenshot of my website showing the wrong font, the other is a screenshot of the correct font in the demo. 
Thanks, Lena 

1 Answers
Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

It looks like you are using Hello Luv, not Rose.  What is your URL?

Support Team Staff replied 2 years ago

Was able to locate your purchase, and it is indeed Hello Luv not Rose. The font you are showing in your screen capture is correct for that theme. You can change the fonts out if you would like it to be something different.