Excerpt appears on blog pages after 2.0.8 update

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Adam Dobay asked 2 years ago

Hi there,
I recently updated our Hello Sassafras install to the latest 2.0.8. Since doing so, posts that have excerpts have had the excerpt rendered after the post body, between the “Genesis Simple Share” icons and the Entry Meta section.
Some examples:

I’ve looked through the Customizer, the Genesis Simple Share plugin, Genesis Simple Hooks, and other plugins, and I don’t see anything that would force a render of the excerpt inside a post.
We’re on WordPress 5.9.3 but not currently running on Gutenberg.
I did not change anything else other than update to 2.0.8, which is why I thought it might be prompted by the theme itself.
Have you encountered this before? Do you know what might call that excerpt to be rendered there?
Kind regards,
Adam Dobay

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Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

When the theme was updated it activated that spot so bloggers could add shop widgets, CTAs or affiliate links to show in that area.  It can be removed in the functions file.  Do you want us to log on to remove it, or to give you an idea where it is to be removed?

Adam Dobay replied 2 years ago

Very happy to remove it myself from the functions file, do let me know where I can find it and I’ll go right ahead and take it out for now.
Also, those are great use cases for that area — is there any place in the admin where I can swap it out later for one of the things you said?

Support Team Staff replied 2 years ago

On or around line 317 in your functions file you should see this, remove the whole thing.

//* Adds custom excerpt field for the reward style addition
add_post_type_support(‘post’, ‘excerpt’);
add_action ( ‘genesis_after_entry_content’, ‘hyd_show_page_excerpt’ );
function hyd_show_page_excerpt() {
echo ”;
$post = get_post( get_the_ID() );
$the_excerpt = $post->post_excerpt;
if ( is_page() || empty( $the_excerpt ) )
echo $the_excerpt;
echo ”;

Support Team Staff replied 2 years ago

The only way to use it again, would be to re-add that code, then you can add those items to any of the posts excerpts.

Adam Dobay replied 2 years ago

Lovely, commented it out and all gone now. Thank you for the quick fix!