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Georgia Kaye asked 4 years ago

I am having trouble centering my icons better on the main navigation bar – I’ve changed the CSS padding but can’t seem to get it fully centered?
Also, is there a quick snippet to add in so the Search bar displays an actually “fill in” search box on the top navigation? When I click on the search icon, an outlined box appears under the menu and it looks odd. 

1 Answers
Support Team Staff answered 4 years ago

For the icons, are you using the Simple social icons?  If so, the demo is using 28px by default.  If you adjust that size up or down, you can change the alignment by going to your Style.css sheet and on line 1966 you will see this
.genesis-nav-menu .widget-area {
float: right;
padding: 12px 0 0;
margin-right: 2%;
The 12px padding is what you would change to center your icons. 
For the search bar, it was designed to have that animated swing in style search.  To change that you would need to remove the custom code in the functions file and then the style sheet.  Then style in the kind you would like.  We can provide a quote for that customization if you would like.