Search bar not aligning with menu and icons

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Georgia Kaye asked 4 years ago

I asked about the search icon a few weeks ago, but now I am having issues with the spacing – how can I push this search bar up so it aligns with the rest of the menu (see image). I have tried respacing the widget area, and I just need clarity on what area specifically to edit on the CSS sheet.
I absolutely LOVE this theme, but after looking through other websites using it, it seems like everyone has an uncentered search icon and I am bummed about it. It would really suck to have to pay for coding on something that should be fixed in the theme to begin with when someone buys it. This is the only item holding up my website launch.

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Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

The image you have shown is not how the Serendipitous theme displays.  The theme has a custom built in search icon.  If you have altered or changed the code you would need to adjust it back.  You can view the demo here
What is a link to your site so I can view this live?

Jennifer Staff replied 4 years ago

Just realized you are using an old version of this theme that is no longer supported. We updated this theme a little over 2 years ago and you would want to load in the latest version of the theme.