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Tiffany Schmidt asked 3 years ago

Hello! I have the Hello Darling theme and am trying to change the look of the way I have the image section with the eNews widget setup. Is it possible to get the widget to either A) move the submit button below the two input boxes, or B) extend the width of the two input boxes and submit button so it is the same width as the text (custom HTML box) to the left? 
My website is: https://thelearningeffect.com
Thank you so much!

1 Answers
Support Team Staff answered 3 years ago

Add this to your additional CSS spots
For A 
.image-section .enews input {
width: 48%;
.image-section .enews-widget input[type=”submit”] {
width: 98%;
For B 
.image-section .enews input {
width: 33.33%;

Tiffany Schmidt replied 3 years ago

Perfect! Thank you so much!