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anastasia Samsonova asked 1 year ago

I have downloaded the enjoy instagram plugin to my account. http://www.anastasiasamsonova.com but unfortunately the images are covered with my instagram description and are rotating randomly. On your website it has the most recent 10 images without any text on the photos or links to the photo when hovered with a mouse.  Do I need to purchase premium version or are their specific settings that I need to follow. I have gone through my WordPress back office and have yet to figure out the situation! Thank you!

Manouk replied 1 year ago

I have the same problem and thought the plugin just changed, would love to know the correct settings.

Support Team Staff replied 1 year ago

For plugins, that is not going to be a theme issue an you would want to reach out to the plugin author, or review their documentation on what can be adjusted in the settings.

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Support Team Staff answered 1 year ago

All of our demos only use free version of plugins, so you would not need to pay for an upgrade, or pro version.  I believe that is something you can turn off in the settings of the plugin. 

Support Team Staff replied 1 year ago

If you are unable to find it we can log on and try to help, send login details to support@helloyoudesigns.com