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djohn91 asked 5 years ago


  • I can’t get any plugin for Facebook to work on my website. I tried 3 plugins and still can’t get it to work on my website. My Instagram is fine. can you tell what I could possibly be doing wrong?
  • I’m currently using the Serendipitous Theme. Is it ok for me to update my website to upload Gutenberg?

Thank you very much.

1 Answers
Support Team Staff answered 5 years ago

All of our themes are ready to use Gutenberg.
For the Facebook plugin, I can’t say why that would not work.  There is nothing within the theme files that would prevent it from working.  What kind of plugin are you trying to use?  Is it to pull the feed?  To load a pixel to the site?

djohn91 replied 5 years ago

Yes, I’m trying to pull the feed from my Facebook page. I tried the Showeblogin Facebook Plugin and Jetpack Facebook Plugin. Do you have any suggestion?

Support Team Staff replied 5 years ago

Both of those should work. It may be in your settings. Could you send your login to Or if you prefer, create us a login with admin access that we can use to take a look. Once we are done you can delete the username.