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Denise Joanne asked 2 years ago

I am using the portfolio widget in my theme and it doesn’t show multiple pages. Everything was fine when I had 6 entries, but as I added the 7th entry the oldest entry disappeared and there’s no option to skip to the next page. Not even when I click the portfolio category on top. Is there a way to fix this?

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Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

What is a link to your URL? We have seen this happen on older themes, or if there is a plugin conflict. Can you confirm what version of the theme you are using?

Denise Joanne replied 2 years ago

The URL is: https://blushcontent.nl/portfolio/
I changed the displayed amount of entries to 9 instead of 6 for now, so everything is still visible. But I’d like to change it back to 6.

Also sometimes when I load the URL it shows everything in rows of 3, like it’s meant to look. And when I refresh the page everything jumps to one single row.

I have the latest version of WordPress and my plugins and themes are always up to date. I’m using the Hello Luv theme.