Woo Carousel Has Stopped Working

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Arturo Munonz asked 4 years ago

My Woo Carousel plugin that came with Hello Maker has stopped working in that it displays only the title of the carousel but no slider. I’ve created a second carousel just like the first and tested the short code to no avail. The slider no longer shows.
I see nothing wrong with my website in any other component or plugin except in this one. And the documentation for this plugin doesn’t tell me much else I can do, except go to Support for it at aazztech.com for which I need credentials I didn’t receive with my theme.

Could you please guide me on how to fix this?


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Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

Woo Carousel is not one of the default plugins that the theme uses.  It must have been added after install, as a feature to your site.  I can try to help make it work, but if I’m not able to you would want to reach out to the plugin creators.  Is it possible that the license for it expired and that is why it is not working?  Feel free to send your URL and login to the site to jennifer@helloyoudesigns.com

Arturo Munonz replied 4 years ago

Thank you, Jennifer, for the prompt response. This may have been an oversight from our earlier developer then. We’ll look further into it.

By the way, our site is finished. We love the way it looks. Except for this slider issue, we’re very, very happy with the theme that we got from you!

It performs a bit slower than anticipated, especially right at checkout. But it’s manageable for now.