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Jennifer Stevenson asked 7 months ago

I sent an email earlier regarding the updated theme for Hello Sassafras, I realized afterwards I had an updated version in my downloads. I redownloaded the theme and am now having the darndest time trying to get the widgets to show up on the main page. I have searched everywhere for the answer on this, I’ve checked my reading settings, which I think I have correct. When I go into the widgets section, nothing populates. Everything is empty. My website is

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Support Team Staff answered 7 months ago

When you ran the demo import did you run the Wie file?  That is the one that sets the widgets.  The demo XML only imports the content, that wie is what sets the widgets.

Jennifer Stevenson replied 7 months ago

Yes, I ran both the Wie and XML files using the demo importer.

Support Team Staff replied 7 months ago

Can you email with the url and login. We can log on and take a look.

Jennifer Stevenson replied 7 months ago

I reset it and reran everything. It’s fine now. Thanks!