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Jaimi Lammers asked 2 years ago

I have my blog posts pointed to the custom blog page but that\’s not what shows. When I am logged in to WordPress backend to edit the custom-blog page it shows correctly but when I preview or publish the page, it only lists the blog posts instead of all the custom information it is supposed to be showing. What am I doing wrong?

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Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

Create a page called blog (or whatever you want), then go to Settings > Reading and assign that page as your blog page.  When you assign your custom blog page as your blog page, it overrides the page you designed and only shows the blog roll.  Doing it this way you have a blog page, that only shows posts, and one that is your custom landing page for the blog.  Hope that makes sense, I may not be explaining it the best.

Jaimi Lammers replied 2 years ago

Ah-ha! That worked perfectly. Thanks for the quick response!