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Ashley Rufino asked 2 years ago

I logged back into my ashleyrufino2 and noticed that some of the demo/template pages were gone and there were a couple of pages of mine with the orchid set up. Even clicking around anything that goes to those other pages is just the general https://helloceotheme.com/ and corresponding page. I thought installing the starter template under appearance would help but it did not. I had not created any new pages nor really got anywhere customizing yet so nothing work-wise is lost or at risk.

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Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

Would you like us to install the demo content for CEO?  It looks like some of it is still there.  So it would just be removing the previously installed content and installing it all again.

Ashley Rufino replied 2 years ago

Hi! Yes that would be wonderful. I think it’s just al bunch of the actual pages. The ones in the trash were mine and when I looked at the downloads page I didn’t see any of the demo files like before. Whatever is going to get it back to an original install. Thanks so much!