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amandine guffond asked 8 months ago

In the Hello & Co. theme, most of the pages and sections seem to scale very well for tablets and mobile devices.  However, on the Home page, some sections as well as the footer (copyright) are not scaling well at all. 
I know there is a similar post, but it was from a year ago. 
my website :

Is there a fix for this?
Thanks for helping me figure this out.

1 Answers
Support Team Staff answered 8 months ago

The footer was designed as a single row, it looks like you have added a second to it.  If you click over to the mobile view for the footer you should be able to adjust them to 1 row stacked on mobile devices.  This setting is in the customizer.
You can also modify the IG feed so it is not one long column by updated the plugin, then setting the new mobile and tablet settings.  Or if you do not want to update the plugin, you can go to the settings and then disable the mobile layout.
If there are other sections, please let me know.