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Megan Menzynski asked 10 months ago

I have the original hello Boho website design. In the templates, I have a blog design that’s full width and sidebar content. The template with sidebar content the sidebar is on the left side and I want it to be on the right side. Is there a way to switch this?

Megan Menzynski replied 10 months ago

Also I have the theme layout settings set to content/primary side bar. The side bar is still showing on the left.

Support Team Staff replied 10 months ago

Sorry about the delay, somehow this was missed. You can adjust it right in the page settings, or site wide in the Genesis theme settings.

If you are in the page editor, you can click on the Genesis icon, there you will find a default page layout option and can adjust it for that page.

To do sitewide you go to Genesis > Theme Settings and you will see a default page layout to change.