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shellybrown asked 1 year ago

I am having an issue with the social links in the header. I have set my social links, but those aren’t what is displaying.  I’ve cleared my cache, refreshed, and tried different browsers.  Also, when I go into widgets there is an error message that displays for navigation, saying “The “nav_menu” block was affected by errors and may not function properly. Check the developer tools for more details.”  Any advice/sections as how to resolve? Thanks in advance! 

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Support Team Staff answered 1 year ago

You may need to set the icons themselves and not the social settings.  There are two social blocks, one that pulls from the settings and one that needs to be set directly in the block.
the navigation block sometimes does that.  It is a classic block and the new editor sometimes does not like it.  You can delete it and readd, should be fine.