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Amy S. asked 6 months ago

Hello there- The Trigger/mobile Nav isn’t displaying any of my links.
Thank you

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Support Team Staff answered 6 months ago

With Kadence themes you have a separate mobile menu.  This allows you to customize and simplify it if your main menu is a bit much.  Create a menu with your links, then assign it to the mobile menu.  Then go to the customizer> header > select the mobile menu tab and make sure that the mobile navigation option is in your mobile spot.  Once you do that your mobile menu will show. If you have any issues you can email support with login information and we can log on to help.  Just make sure you have created a mobile menu first so we know what to place.

Amy S. replied 6 months ago

Yes I have the mobile menu set– I wanted the trigger to show the mobile menu but it's not. Currently I have both the trigger and the mobile menu activated but would prefer just the trigger to show the links on the mobile version. I will email support with my log in- thank you! I'm sure it's just something simple I'm missing. Where should I send log in info?