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alskyline asked 2 years ago

I purchased the Hello Boho template today. I have set up a static homepage (Full Width) and a separate Blog Page (Blog). The blog page setup nicely but did not have any posts. I went to Settings – Reading and changed to the setting to “A Static Page” and then I selected “Full Width” for the homepage, and “Blog” for the Posts page. When I did that, all the widgets that I had set up disappeared and all I see are the posts. If I change the Posts Page to another page or “–Select–” and then view the blog page, my widgets come back but no posts are beneath them. Also, when I set the Posts page to Blog, the page template drop-down disappears and I so I can’t select Blogs Page. Please Help!

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Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

Under settings > readin it should be set to latest posts.
Then on the blog page, click into edit it and change it from the default template to a blog template.

alskyline replied 2 years ago

Perfect thanks!