Boho Theme Portfolio Set Up Problem

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Crystal Barnes asked 3 years ago

Hi Hello You,
I’m having trouble getting my portfolio page to look like the one in the demo for the Boho theme. After creating a portfolio item and the portfolio page, after I published it, it had the sidebar (I selected full page screen), plus a blank page with the statement: Sorry, no content matched your criteria. My portfolio item didn’t show up.
I’ve saved my Permalinks on the Settings Page several times and disabled my Jetpack portfolio feature and still nothing has changed. I tried to find an answer to this problem on the Internet and the Hello You Q and A page, with no success. Here is a link to my portfolio page:
Any help will be appreciated tremendously. Thank you very much!

Crystal Barnes replied 3 years ago

Please disregard this question – I just solved the problem! I went into Settings – WC Post Types and changed the Portfolio Root name to portfolio-archives and the Portfolio Archive Title name to Portfolio Archives. It looks like my portfolio link was originally set to my portfolio archives page.