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Marie Slayton asked 1 year ago

In the Hello Boss 2 – Footer 2 widget, I enter the information like the picture in the setup but I get an error, about the </div> closing when ithe set up says it show be: <div class=”two thirds”><br>
My widget is saying I need the </di> after that.  Also in the setup image it looks like there is more after  <center><a href=”#”
however I can’t see any of it. Can you please let me know so I can get that part added as well?

Marie Slayton replied 1 year ago

Uploaded a screen shot, Footer Widget.

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Support Team Staff answered 1 year ago

You always have to close a div if you start with a div.  Can you copy the code you have added?  Or send a screenshot of the full code so I can see where it is wrong.

Marie Slayton replied 1 year ago

Hereis what I have typed right now:

Here is what I have:

Have one?

<a href = "#"

I was attempting to type everything you have in the instructions, which is in the screenshot attached. That way I get the ebook and the words next to it.

Support Team Staff replied 1 year ago

It isn’t showing me the code, can you screenshot it?

Support Team Staff replied 1 year ago

You are missing one close and you can’t leave a link open. If you would like to send the url and login over to we can log on and fix it.