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hello@kimmccarter.com asked 2 years ago

Is there instructions on how to setup the custom blog page on Hello Coach as it is in the demo: https://hellocoachtheme.com/custom-blog/
Mine uploaded with the demo like this https://www.selfmadesuccesssystem.com/blog/

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Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

Your site looks beautiful.  You are using the Genesis theme, which should appear here
The one linked above is the Kadence version.  Yours looks like it should, minus adding an image to the Genesis Featured Page widget that is in that widget area.  You can find that at appearance > widgets.  Then the other issue is the posts not showing.  Do you know if you have the posts assigned as that blog page under Settings > Reading?

hello@kimmccarter.com replied 2 years ago

Thank you. The demo link here: https://support.helloyoudesigns.com/hello-coach-theme/, goes to the demo page above. That page is the Genesis theme instructions. So that’s why I was confused. Is the Kadence version available?

I do not think I have posts assigned. The instructions here (https://support.helloyoudesigns.com/hello-coach-theme/) has me using the blog flexible so I thought I had to do them one by one.

Support Team Staff replied 2 years ago

I see, we didn’t update the homepage of Coach in the setup guide. Prior it would go to a page where you could pick from the 3 different demo versions. Changing that now, my apologies.

The kadence version is available now. Here is the link to that


The blog flexible is a widget area on your blog template. It lets you highlight different categories, posts, or really anything you want in that spot. Then once you assign the blog page, it should automatically show your posts. If not, you can send login details to support@helloyoudesigns.com and we can take a look at why the posts are not showing on the page.