One Step Demo Plugin Installed But Fails to Show Under Appearance

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ceresella asked 2 years ago

I followed the tip to install the One Step Demo Plugin, however it is saying that it may not be supported by the latest version of WordPress that I have installed. Are there any other work arounds?

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Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

The demo import is fine to work with the latest wordpress.    There are a few issues with the screenshot.  It looks like you do not have the actual theme installed.  You have the Bolts Transport theme installed.  Then what has failed are product items, so either you do not have woocommerce installed or activated and those items could not be assigned to the correct places. 

ceresella replied 2 years ago

I got confused since there were two zip files, so I installed the one with 2.06, not realizing that they both needed to be installed. I have since installed the actual theme. I do have WooCommerce installed and activated so I am unclear on your note stating that it is missing or not activated. I have a new screen shot showing the themes that I installed along with my WooCommerce menu. Note: the bottom three themes shown were pre-installed ones by Siteground with the button install of WordPress, and they are not removable. I will attempt to customize without the wie file. Will I run into any issues?

Support Team Staff replied 2 years ago

When you look over on the left when Woocommerce is active you will see a woocommerce option. When you did the import above in the screenshot that plugin was not active, which is why all of the woocommerce content failed to load. There is a WIE file that came with your download, that you can import. That sets up the homepage widgets just like the demo site, but the Hello You theme would have to be the one active when ran for it to work.