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Niki asked 5 years ago

Hi! I have Hello Trending. I’m trying to increase the font size for the body text from 14px to 16px. I tried changing it in the style sheet but it doesn’t change. Am I doing it wrong?

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Jennifer Staff answered 5 years ago

Sometimes changes made to the style sheet will not push the front of the site if you have a hosting cache, or it can also be your browser cache. What is a link to your site? If you prefer to keep that private, you can email it to me at

Once I can preview it, will be able to tell if it is not caching to the front of the site, or if the change was not in the correct spot.

Niki answered 5 years ago

I tried clearing my caches. 

Jennifer Staff replied 5 years ago

There is one last spot to change. On line 31 in your style sheet change if from 1.4 to 1.6 so it looks like the below.

body > div {
font-size: 1.6rem;

After you do that be sure to clear your caches. If that does not work, it looks like you are using the Thrive editor and that editor is trying to adjust the body font as well. So that would be the next spot to check. Let me know if you have any issues.

Niki replied 5 years ago

Well that didn’t work either. Do you know a fix for the Thrive editor? Otherwise it’s not that big of a deal. I just heard that increasing to 16 font or larger helps with SEO and ad revenue.

Jennifer Staff replied 5 years ago

I’m not familiar enough with that editor to point you in the right spot. When I view the site, it doesn’t look like the code above took and is in the style sheet. If you would like to shoot over your login I can hop on and take a look. The email is

Niki replied 5 years ago

Nah don’t worry about it. I can live with it. Thanks for your help!

Jennifer Staff replied 5 years ago

If you ever change your mind, don’t’ hesitate to reach out.


Kristen Skiles replied 5 years ago

Jennifer, I’m having this same issue with Hello Maker. I’d love your help with increasing my font size please. Thank you!


Jennifer Staff replied 5 years ago

Feel free to shoot over your login and I can hop on. Do you want it 16 or larger?