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Hope Hanson asked 4 years ago

I was trying to remove the headers on the individual pages, but I have somehow managed to remove the whole menu section from my site – help! 

2 Answers
Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

Remove the code that you added to take away the headers. That should fix the menus from not showing. Then install this plugin

Genesis Title Toggle

It will let you pick and choose which pages/posts you want to remove the page titles from. Let me know if you have any issues.

Hope Hanson answered 4 years ago

I did, and it didn’t fix it – so I may need to figure out where the code was an replace fix it

Jennifer Staff replied 4 years ago

If you removed the code and it is still not working, try clearing your cache, or the hosting cache. Sometimes style sheet edits do not take until that has happened. If that does not work, or you can’t find the code, email me at with your login information and I can hop on and take a look.