Error with Font with SSL

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Sara Gillis asked 3 years ago

I now have an SSL, and I’m encountering the following error (see screenshot) with the Stay Classy font, I believe.
Please kindly advise. My website is Thank you!

2 Answers
Jennifer Staff answered 3 years ago

You should be able to reach out to your host and have them fix that.   They are basically blocking the custom script from pulling up on the site.  If you reach out and they are no help, please let me know.

Sara Gillis replied 3 years ago

Hello! I have already been in talks with the host, and they are referring me back to the theme design. The only things that have changed since the Stay Classy font was working is that I added an SSL certificate and a WordPress plugin, Easy HTTPS (SSL) Redirection.

Jennifer Staff answered 3 years ago

They are basically blocking access to it.  Which shouldn’t be that way, ssl or no ssl.  The cors access is something they need to adjust on a server level.  If they will not, then the only thing you could do is change it from a premium font to a Google font.  

With the blocks they have in place it may also effect your social icons and font awesome icons from showing.  Really it should be turned off.  We see this with godaddy hosting a good bit.  Is that by chance who this is through?

Sara Gillis replied 3 years ago

Yes, that’s who I have hosting through. I’ll plan to choose a Google font; if I choose a Google font in the Customizer under Google Fonts – Headings Typography, will that work? Do I need to change the font anywhere else?

Jennifer Staff replied 3 years ago

It should work that way. If not you may need to manually go into the style sheet and adjust the fonts that do not change. With the theme having the front style sheet, sometimes font plugins do not hook into it correctly.