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Julia Allen asked 3 years ago

Hello, my theme with demo data just won’t load correctly. It’s showing descriptions on the menu, large test that says ‘let’s go’ but I don’t have any of the menu advanced CSS features on and the images are also not loading correctly. I put the theme in, I imported the xml, then the widgets, and it still won’t work.

The attached images show some of my issues. The slider won’t work at all but it’s active.

How can I reset and do this all over again?

URL: http://thirdandharrison.com/


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Jennifer Staff answered 3 years ago

For the Menu part “Let’s Go”  It looks like you may have some styling that is changing the theme styling.  This can be from a plugin, or additional css that you may have added from a previous theme.
For the blog page.  It looks like you do not have featured images for your posts, or that the featured images for the posts did not import.  That is why the slider is above where it should be, and not showing any images.