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Vittoria Daelli asked 3 years ago

Hi HelloDesign,
Flexible Widget is a bit confusing. My goal is to display 3 portfolio images all center and horizontally aligned. In the tutorial, you display it with products. How can I use a flexible widget with the genesis portfolio? In the picture, you will see that the 3 photos are displayed but vertically. How can I display them horizontally?
I use https://support.helloyoudesigns.com/hello-chic-theme/ as a guide. That is why you will see empty text and HTML widgets. But I still don\\\’t understand how to align them equally horizontally.  thank you 

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Jennifer Staff answered 3 years ago

For this you would use 1 widget for the place holder that is 100% width.  Then the 3 you add below will flex.  If it is only 1 widget, and you have 3 items showing, you would need to use column classes.  What is the URL so I can take a look at what was used?

Vittoria Daelli replied 3 years ago

thank you! URL is https://barbarasspecialtyfoods.com/ . From my research the genesis portfolio pro, I think you have to use a bit of CSS to make it horizontally. But I may be mistaken.

Jennifer Staff replied 3 years ago

With this, take out the other widgets in that spot, so you only have the 1, or the 1 with the title, then the portfolio widget and add this code to your additional css spot

.front-page .portfolio.type-portfolio {
width: 33%;
float: left;
padding: 10px;

You may need to clear your cache to see the changes. Let me know if you have any issues.

Vittoria Daelli replied 3 years ago

THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! It works!! thank you!