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Jessica Como asked 3 years ago

I’m sure this is a simple fix that I am somehow just overlooking so I apologize for taking up your time with this one.
I have the majority of my homepage set properly and now just need to begin plugging in my own images and text, my problem is occurring with the secondary pages such as the ‘About’ page. When I’m going into the page to edit it and begin putting in my own information and images I’m not seeing an option to do so. I know with the homepage the majority of the editing was done under the ‘widget’ tab and when I go under that tab on this page the only editable sections are my footer area and the main image on the page. Am I just completely overlooking where I can start edits on this page?

Thanks for any help!

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Jennifer Staff answered 3 years ago

For traditional pages, you would go to the page editor, not the wordpress customizer.  Then you can use the Gutenberg editor or a page editor like Elementor or Beaver Builder.