HelloDarling – successive shop pages different than first page & breadcrumbs missing

QuestionsCategory: Hello DarlingHelloDarling – successive shop pages different than first page & breadcrumbs missing
Jori Janssen asked 12 months ago

Using Hello Darling theme and we have trouble getting the Woocommerce shop pages right when products are shown on successive pages.
The successive pages are missing the customized header and buttons we have put on the first page.
Already tried to create a different Shop template page and tested with different code. How can we fix that?
We are also frustrated to implement ‘breadcrumbs’ and getting a sort of category selection buttons in the shop page to let customers easily switch between product categories.
All help apreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Bas Janssen

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Jennifer Staff answered 12 months ago

I’m not sure that I’m fully following. Do you have the Genesis Connect for Woocommerce installed? Can you send a link to what it is doing?

Jori Janssen replied 12 months ago

Yes Genesis Connect for Woocommerce already installed from the beginning. To clarify the issue I added three pictures to the original question of what is happening in the shop.
1-shows the default page with headers when clicking on Shop page.
2-shows pressing next page
3-shows next product page without all headers.
You can also look on the website (http://toffjoh.com/wp-admin) if needed, previous login is still available.

Can you please tell us what is wrong?

Support Team Staff replied 12 months ago

This helps. Something custom like this is not really going to be theme support. You would want to refer to woocommerce documents on the best way to implement a shop archive or custom woo templates. The other way of doing what you want to do which would show on all shop pages is to create a custom widget area that shows above the products. We can provide a quote on this. You can email support@helloyoudesigns.com for that if you would like our team to custom code it.

Jori Janssen replied 11 months ago

Hi, just tried for a week to get the woocommerce shop working and failed to do this.
Tried many codes for fixing pagination on the category pages but nothing helps.
Honestly I expected that this is default functionality of a theme where there is a link to a shop.
If there is no standard way to get this working, we will send you an mail for a quote to get the functionality we would like.

Jennifer Staff replied 11 months ago

Please do not confuse standard pagination for what you are trying to accomplish. The theme works as it should and so is woocommerce. What you are trying to do is build a custom shop archive and not use the default one provided by woocommerce. We can provide a quote to create one. Or you can google woocommerce custom archive or shop pages and follow one of tutorials you find on the web.