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Keneshia asked 4 years ago

Hi there is there a way to change the font in Hello Foxy?

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Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

Yes, if you are changing the font to a google font you would call it in the functions.php file, then change the instances in the style sheet and style front sheet that the font shows.

Ashley Torchia replied 4 years ago

I have the hello blush but I’m not sure what “calling it in the functions.php file means. I’m so so with css if I see it but coming up with it kinda makes me scratch my head. I know you can totally screw up your site too if you load it in wrong so I’m just apprehensive to do it myself. I want to switch the Fiona for a Google font and possibly the Silver South to a font I got on Creative Market. Any direction would be greatly appreciated 🙂