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Manouk asked 4 years ago

I am trying to make the thumbnails for my Hello Foxy theme. I did the regenerate thumbnails when I installed it, but I want to change it now because some of them took a weird part of the photo. But I cannot figure out how. I know how to change the thumbnail in my library, but somehow it does not use this. Do I need to delete the photo and upload it again? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

This is for your post right?  It would be two steps, the first would be to change your featured image size.  Then to run the regenerate thumbnails again so it picks up the size you want to use.  Sometimes regenerate doesn’t work the best.  Another plugin is called Force Regenerate Thumbnails I believe.  Let me know if you need help.  Feel free to shoot over the URL and login and also what size featured image you would like.

Manouk replied 4 years ago

No I know how that worked, all my thumbnails are the right size. But they pick up weird parts of the photo. One of my older posts now has a thumbnail with a lamppost in it for example. I would like to change it. By running the regenerate thumbnails again it would again pick up a random part of the photo, right? I want to choose it myself. I want to keep a horizontal image as a featured image because this is also the image used by social media for example but just want to change the thumbnails. Or do I understand this the wrong way?

Jennifer Staff replied 4 years ago

What is your URL? What size are you making your featured image?

Manouk replied 4 years ago

Here you can see some of the weird thumbnails I want to change:
I do not know what you mean with the last question. Do you mean the image itself? It is just a regular horizontal image, I don’t know what size that is. The thumbnails are what they should be for the theme, I believe 540×400. I have no trouble with the size, I just want the thumbnail to be a different part of the image. On my homepage you can see what I mean, I choose the thumbnail myself on those images. I just cannot seem to figure out how to do it for older blogposts.